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Tennessee Law REQUIRES BACKGROUND CHECKS for contract work with school systems

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Blount County Purchasing Department

Blount County Courthouse
3rd Floor, Room 319
385 Court Street
Maryville, TN 37804-5906
Phone (865) 273-5740
Fax (865) 273-5746

           Katie Branham, Purchasing Agent                               

        Teresa Johnson, CPPB, Assistant Purchasing Agent   

 Lauri Bell, Purchasing Technician                                 


Vendors please note:  Vendors seeking to do business with Blount County should register to do so via the IONWAVE link to the left.  Blount County’s open bid/quote invitations will be posted in the IONWAVE link on this web page and in the local newspaper, The Daily Times.   It should be noted that completing the vendor registration does not guarantee the vendor will receive bid invitations.   It is the vendor’s responsibility to check the website or newspaper for invitations for the commodities or services they are interested in providing.   Vendors may download the invitation or request the documents from the Purchasing Department.

A business license is needed for any business with a physical location in the county whose gross annual receipts are $3,000 or more; anything under $3,000 is exempt. If the gross receipts are $3,000 to $9,999, the business can choose to get either a minimal activity license or a standard businesses license. Businesses whose gross receipts are $10,000 or more annually must get the standard business license. Businesses having a standard license must also file and pay business tax to the Tennessee Department of Revenue each year.

The exception to this is for contractors. Contractors having $50,000 in gross annual receipts in any county or city must obtain a license for that city or county and remit tax to the Department of Revenue for each of these cities and counties. Companies having a Tennessee location, but not a permanent location in the county can make sales in the county without the need to obtain a county business license. These mobile businesses, such as food trucks, appliance repair companies, etc., report all their gross receipts back to their permanent location and pay taxes through that location as well. They obviously must hold a business license for that permanent location in the other county.

For out-of-state businesses, any business generating $10,000 or more gross receipts in any county in Tennessee must pay tax to the Tennessee Department of Revenue on the gross income. This is a tax filing and payment issue at the state level – no license is issued locally for this purpose. Additionally, out-of-state contractors having $50,000 or more in gross receipts in any county or city are treated exactly the same as described above for in-state businesses – they must get a local license and also pay the tax.

Finally, for transient vendors from out-of-state that operate temporarily in any city or county that sell stocks of merchandise to the public, they must obtain a $50 transient vendor permit from the local county or city. The permit allows a 15-day window to operate from that temporary location. More information is available on the state's website at State of Tennessee Business Tax Website or at the Blount County Clerk's website: Blount County Clerk Website.

The Purchasing Department is the central buying agency for Blount County Government.  The Department contracts for and purchases all supplies, materials, equipment and contractual services required by each and every office or department of Blount County Government including Highway and School Departments.

The Blount County Purchasing Department is established by approval of the County Legislative Body and adoption of the County Purchasing Law of 1957, Tennessee Code Annotated 5-14-101 et seq.

The Purchasing Agent is recommended by the Blount County Mayor and approved by the County Legislative Body.  The County Purchasing Commission, with the assistance of the Purchasing Agent shall establish a Purchasing System for the County, and shall adopt and may amend policies and procedures. The County Legislative Body has approved the sealed formal bid limit at $25,000 for the Education Departments, the Highway Department and General County.

The current Purchasing Commission includes:
Ed Mitchell,  Shawn Carter,  Laura Floyd,  Steve Hillis, and Glen Longhurst.

The Purchasing Department receives requisitions for purchase, issues purchase orders, solicits bids, receives and disposes of surplus property (real and personal), provides an office supply store and is in charge of the central mailroom. The Purchasing Agent supervises a full-time staff of three.  In order to stay informed of the latest procurement techniques and product information, the Department maintains an active membership in the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP), the Tennessee association of Public Purchasing (TAPP) and the East Tennessee Purchasing Association (ETPA). 

The Blount County Purchasing Department is located in room 319 of the Blount County Courthouse.  The office hours are 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.



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