Blount County Government
Maryville, TN 37804

County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions Book C 1808-1811.  John B. Cusick and Samuel Houston were beating a drum outside the courthouse trying to get people to enlist in the Militia, when they were fined for disturbing the court. John Cusick was fined ten dollars and Samuel Houston was fined five dollars, September 29, 1810.

Blount County Records Management and Archives

145 Hubbard School Road
Maryville, TN 37803

Phone (865) 380-4295
Fax (865) 380-4297


Jackie Glenn . . . . . . .  . . . . . Records Manager and County Archivist

View Scanned Guardian Bond Book 1889 - 1904

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Directions from the Blount County Courthouse:  Start out going SOUTHEAST on S COURT ST.
Turn LEFT (heading North) onto E LAMAR ALEXANDER PKWY / US-321 N / TN-73 E.
Stay STRAIGHT (will actually turn right at next red light) to continue onto E LAMAR ALEXANDER PKWY / US-321 / TN-73 / WALLAND HWY. Continue approximately 4 1/2 miles.
Turn RIGHT onto HUBBARD SCHOOL RD.  (There will be a brown sign for Community Action Agency and Records and Archives) Continue .10 mile (left onto fourth driveway).

*Note: To record a deed or document please see Register of Deeds


Purpose of Records Management

Records Commission

Collections of Records

Fees and Office Hours

W h e r e   C a n   I   F i n d . . . ?

Birth and Death Records

Divorce Records

Accident Reports and Criminal Background Checks

Business License and Current Marriage License

Estate Probate Records

Property Tax Records

Property Tax Assessment Records

Deeds to Property and Recording Documents



Purpose of Records Management Office

Blount County has created a Records Management Department to help serve the general public and Offices of the Courthouse and Justice Center.

The purpose of the Blount County Records Management Department is to receive and process both non-current, permanent records and temporary records created by Blount County Government from 1795 to present for as long as materials are needed. The Blount County Records Management will provide information on court records, demography, genealogy and history of Blount County, Tennessee. Records Management provides public access to all holdings unless records are deemed confidential by law. Requests for juvenile records must go through the Juvenile Department. Requests for adoption records must go through Chancery Court. It provides local government a source material to court offices, genealogists, the legal profession, historians, and the general public.

The charge for copies is $1.00 per page and $2.50 for a certified copy. You may request copies of marriage license and wills by phone, email, mail or come by the office. The office staff is limited, so please call for an appointment if you want to come by. If you are requesting copies of a marriage license, you will need to provide the name of the groom, the bride's maiden name and the approximate year of the marriage. Copies of older Court records may be obtained from the Archives but first you will need to know the docket number. Docket numbers may be obtained by contacting the Court system at the following phone numbers: Circuit Court at (865)273-5400 and General Session’s at (865)273-5450 and Chancery Court at (865)273-5500. After getting the docket number, you may request a copy of the file by calling the Blount County Records Management and Archives Department at (865)380-4295.

Send a self-addressed stamped envelope and a check or money order for the number of copies to the address above and copies will be mailed to you. If you have any questions, please call Jackie Glenn at the phone number listed above. Office hours are 8:00am to 4:30pm Monday-Friday, by appointment, closed holidays.

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Blount County Public Records Commission

The governing body over the Blount County Records Management and Archives Department is the Blount County Public Records Commission and the Blount County Mayor. Tennessee state law requires that each county appoint a public records commission consisting of certain members. Each county's commission must consist of at least six members; additional members are optional. Three of these positions are appointed by the county executive/county mayor, then must be confirmed by the county commissioners. Of these three, one is to be a member of the county legislative body (county commissioner), one a judge of one of the courts in the county, and one a genealogist. In addition, certain county officials automatically become members by nature of the office they hold. These members are the county clerk, register of deeds, county historian and the county archivist. Members remain on the board until their term in office expires, or they are deceased. All members have the same right and privileges, including voting rights.

The commission must elect a chairperson and a secretary and keep minutes of all its proceedings and transactions. Members are not paid a salary, except that any member who does not already receive a fixed annual salary from the state or the county "may" receive a $25 for each meeting. State law requires that the county public records commission meet at least twice a year.

Reference - Tennessee Code Annotated 10-7-401 county public records commission created - membership and 10-7-402 Organization of commission- compensation- meetings

Current members of the Blount County Public Records Commission are:

Betty Boone Best - County Genealogist

Ron French - County Commissioner

Judge William R. Brewer, Jr. - General Sessions Judge, Div. III

Jackie Glenn - Blount County Archivist and Records Manager

Roy Crawford - County Clerk

Ed Mitchell - Blount County Mayor

Phyllis Crisp - Register of Deeds

Lorene Smith - County Historian


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Collections of Records

(Dates estimated, some years are missing)

Marriage Licenses

1795 - 2012


1800's - 1900's


1881-2, 1908-12, 1925-1938


1881-2, 1908-12, 1925-1938

Tax Rolls

1846 - 1995

Property Assessor 

Chancery Court Files 1850 - 1900's
Chancery Court (Divorces and Other) 1930 - 1972
County Court  1801 - 1900's
Circuit Court 1894 - 1992
Criminal Court  1930's - 1991
General Sessions Civil 1960's - 1996
General Sessions State 1972 - 1992
Circuit Court L files  1980 - 1991
Road Books 1860's - 1900's
Juvenile Court 
Juvenile Detention 
County Clerk 
Sheriff's Department 
Planning Department
Emergency Management
Data Processing


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Fees and Office Hours

Fees for photocopies are:                      Per page......................................................$1
                                                            Certification fee.............................................$0.50/per page

 There is a twenty-dollar charge for checks that are returned as insufficient funds.

Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.  Please call ahead for an appointment because the staff is occasionally working offsite.

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Birth and Death Records

The State of Tennessee did not require the filing of birth and death certificates until around 1914.  To obtain copies of these documents contact:

Tennessee Vital Records
421 Fifth Avenue North
First Floor, Central Services Building
Nashville,  TN  37247-0450
Phone: 615-741-1763

Or, contact the local Health Department.  

The Blount County Health Department issues the following certified documents Monday thru Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. 
        Short form birth certificates: 1949 - present, for births in the state of Tennessee   
        Death certificates: Will issue up to six years back. If death occurred more than six years ago, contact Tennessee Vital Records for death certificate.

Blount County Health Department
301 McGee Street
Maryville,  TN  37802
Phone: 865-983-4582

If the birth or death did not occur in Tennessee, contact the Department of Health in the state where the birth or death took place.  Some of them have Web sites that can be accessed via that state's "home" page.  Links to these sites can be found using one of the Internet search services.

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Divorce Records

Contact the Clerk & Master's Office, Chancery Court at 865-273-5500.  Most divorce records are kept by the Chancery Court and if they do not have the record they will refer you to Circuit Court.

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Accident Reports and Criminal Background Checks

Blount County Sheriff's Department, Records Department 865-273-5003

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Business License and Current Marriage License

Call the County Clerk's Office to obtain a new marriage license or to get a copy of a marriage license that was issued September 2009 and later.  The County Clerk also issues business licenses.  Their telephone number is 865-273-5800. 

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Deeds to Property and Related Documents


Register of Deeds Office: 865-273-5880

The Registrar is the official who is responsible for filing warranty and trust deeds to real property, notices of completion, and liens.

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Property Tax Records

Trustee: 865-273-5900

The Trustee is responsible for collecting taxes on real estate and tangible personal property.

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Property Tax Assessment Records and Property Information

Property Assessor: 865-273-5850

The Assessor establishes values for real estate and tangible personal property which is subject to taxation.  This official is also responsible for maintaining the tax maps which assign each piece of real estate a map and parcel number.

The Tennessee State Comptroller of the Treasury has an informative web site about property taxation and assessments. The web site is:

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Estate Probate Records

As of July 1, 2012, the Clerk & Master's Office has the responsibility for the administration, settlement, and distribution of the estates of deceased persons.  Prior to that, the County Clerk was responsible.  The Clerk & Master's Office has all the probate records and the will books and some of the newer wills.  The Blount County Records Management has all the older wills.  

Clerk & Master's Office: 865-273-5500


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