May Exhibits


May 1 to 31:

  • “Blount County Arts and Crafts Guild Member Art” Exhibit, coordinated by Sandy Miller, will be on easels in the sitting area of the Main Gallery, in two Mid-Gallery cases near the Patron Services Circulation Desks and in vertical case near Audio Visual (AV) area.
  • “Art Work” Exhibit, by artist, Susan McCollum, will be on the Art Panels located down the Meeting Room Hallway.
  • “Art Work” Exhibit, by artist, Logan Thompson, will be on the Art Wall at the Bookmark Café.
  • “The Clayton Center presents The Lightning ThiefExhibit, by The Clayton Center, coordinated by Jennifer Spirko, will be in vertical display case in the nook of the wall at the end of Patron Services Circulation Check-In Desk of Main Gallery.
  • “What’s On Your Sign: How to Focus and Change the World local author Terri Lyon” Exhibit, coordinated by Jennifer Spirko, will be in square pedestal case near the Audio Visual (AV) area of the Main Gallery.
  • “Bert Garner” Exhibit, by Linda Marcus, located in the Genealogy display case at Temporary Books Shelves.
  • “Foothills Voices” Exhibit, by Adult Services, located in the square pedestal case in Adult Services in the Reference Area of the library.
  • All Gave Some. Some Gave All” Exhibit, by Patron Services, in the Main Gallery between the two Circulation Desks.
  • Decades: Celebrate Recipes Through the Years” Exhibit, by the Bookmark Café, in the display case located in the Bookmark Café.
Book Shower Display 1