Reviewing a Book

Did you love your books? Hate it?
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Review books that you have read and then see
the reviews on the catalog.

To submit reviews/ratings in the Online Catalog

1.  On the online catalog, look up the title of the book you want to review.

2.  On the results page, click the title.  This will open the Full Details pop-up.

3.  Click the Review button (top right side of page) on the Summary tab to select a rating or write                 a review.

4.  If you are not logged on to your patron account, the Account Log On form opens. Enter your                   username or barcode and password, and click Log On.

5.  The Item Review page opens displaying the item’s title and author as well as fields to add a                     review and rating, as applicable.

6.  Click the highest star you want to assign in the Rating: field. For instance, if you want to give a                four-star rating, click the fourth star, and Atriuum fills in the first four stars. Other patrons will                    see the filled in stars for this item record.
Note:  If needed, click the minus icon preceding the five stars to clear the rating.

7.  Enter your text review in the Review: field.

8.  Click Save to submit your feedback; otherwise, click Go Back. A success message displays,                 confirming that the review and/or rating was submitted.

9.  Your review should be posted within one week.

Thank you for sharing your opinions!