IT Quick Education

This page is for Blount County Government employees to learn more about the IT Department. Take a look around to see how you can take advantage of the tools and services you have access to!

IT Services

The IT Department's main priority is making sure that technology malfunctions don’t prevent your productivity! Here are a few services that we offer to keep your day moving along smoothly.

Loaner Laptops- Maybe you have a new employee in your department that needs a laptop, but you find out that the one that was ordered will not come in for another week.

All you need to do is call your local IT department (us) and we will hook you up with a loaner- for free! We will ensure that the laptop will have access to the network, email, and even certain department-specific applications. Our main job is to make sure that your day is productive as possible, and you can’t start working without a computer to work on!

VPN (Remote Access) Setup- If you’d like to be able to work from home, you’ll need a VPN to be setup on your laptop. If you don’t have one already, just let us know and it will only take a few minutes to hook you up. Click here  for the form.

Helpdesk- Many know about our Helpdesk (also known as Spiceworks), but we want to remind all of you what a great tool it is for you to enter a “ticket” about an issue you need fixed.  We go through our tickets as a group in the morning and then continue to check on them throughout the day.

You can send an email to, click here to visit the portal, or go to the Blount County website for Spiceworks Help Desk Instructions.

Laserfiche FAQs

Blount County IT recently began using a new document management system, called Laserfiche, to make sure that your files can be more efficiently sorted and stored. Click here for some frequently asked questions and solutions.

Standardized Items

If you or your department are looking to purchase new laptops, printers, scanners, or other hardware and need recommendations, click here for a list of standardized items that fit your needs.