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Blount County Government Buildings Alter Access via Appointment Only  - Effective April 1 - April 14, 2020

Blount County Joint Press Release

Blount County Mayor COVID-19 Update  March 30, 2020

No one should wait for anything to be mandated. Today, the Governor has issued a strong order directing Tennesseans to Stay Home unless engaging in essential activities to limit their exposure to and spread of COVID-19. This is a time to make the right decision for yourself & your family, taking into consideration every recommendation we have all received. The COVID-19 virus will not be going away. We all have to shift our way of thinking about how we do business. Our country cannot afford to keep our businesses closed and we cannot risk people’s health. It’s a very difficult line to balance and we are all trying to do the right thing.

The Governor’s Executive Order 22 reminds us all that “protecting personal liberty is deeply important”....and “because with personal liberty comes with great responsibility, all Tennesseans must do their part by staying at home whenever possible for a limited period of time to avoid exposure to, and slow the spread of, this virus, which will limit the burden on health care resources and allow normal activities to resume sooner”.

The COVID-19 virus is very serious and the orders and recommendations from all leadership coming into our lives must be taken very seriously. As Blount County Mayor, I strongly urge EVERYONE to strictly adhere to the recommendations we all have received. I am facing this virus with you. To comply with the Governor’s Executive Order 17, Executive Order 21 and Executive Order 22 and with the CDC recommendations, I know you are making difficult decisions that have a negative impact on your households and on your businesses. These sacrifices speak to your love for this community and your desire to protect it, and they demonstrate what makes Blount County such a great place to live and work.

We are all impacted by this pandemic, but rest assured, we will get through this together. Blount County is an incredible community of citizens who care about one another. I trust that you will take your individual responsibility and do the right thing.

If your business does not fall into the clear categories as listed in the Governor’s Executive Order 17 and today’s issued Executive Order 21, I urge you to follow your heart on this situation and do what is right for this community. Alter your business practices as advised to exercise proper social distancing and no social gatherings of more than 10 people. Tough decisions are required to ensure the safety and health of our employees, friends, family & neighbors.

We hope we look back when we’re through this situation and say it brought out the best in all of us.

Doing essential business & activities ONLY now means a healthier Blount County.

This page contains the latest information concerning the COVID-19 pandemic and the ways that Blount County and its entities are responding. Please follow the links below for the most up-to-date information available, and check back for more information as the outbreak progresses.

Intergovernmental Efforts:
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Joint Press Conference March 13, 2020

Order Suspending In-Person Court Proceedings

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The Blount County Public Library is currently CLOSED to the public. The outside drop-off box is still available to return Library materials, but no late fees will accrue during this closure. The Library is working on alternative ways to distribute materials. Call 865-982-0981 for further assistance and information.

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