Volunteer Application

The Blount County Animal Shelter animals need attention every day regardless of whether the complex is open or not. This means that the Blount County Animal Center complex is open to volunteers every day.


Volunteers are needed to:
  • Answer Phones and Take Messages for Animal Control
  • Bathe Animals
  • Clean Ears
  • Clean Kennels and Cages
  • Give Medication
  • Help Maintain Facility Sanitation
  • Help Maintain Pet Photos and Pet Information
  • Help With Adoptions, Intake, Vetting, Laundry, Surgery, Events, and Transports
  • Play With Puppies and Kittens
  • Resolve Public Animal Issues
  • Trim Toenails
  • Walk and Exercise Dogs


Volunteers will be required to:
  • Attend a General Orientation and Any Scheduled Training
  • Volunteer Two Hours a Week
Please note that missing your schedule is hard on the animals and the other volunteers. Please be prepared to make a commitment.


To apply to be a volunteer at the Blount County Animal Center complex, print out the Volunteer Application (PDF), complete it, and bring it to your volunteer orientation class. You may call the Animal Center at 980-6244 to find out when the next orientation class is scheduled.

On your first shift at the shelter, your life begins!