Department Information


Our goal as a department is to serve the citizens of our great county as effectively and sincerely as we can with the funds that we are awarded each year.

Department Reconstruction

Mindful of our citizen's request to be good stewards of the funds we receive, this department has undergone a massive reconstruction of staff and an implementation of a strategic operational planning process. 


We have earnestly asked each employee to step up and take on the responsibility of the positions we consolidated due to implementing our new strategic budget plan. We are so proud to report our employees have risen to the challenge; so much so that we have doubled our productivity, despite the 26 fewer positions. This is truly a testament to the commitment the employees of the Highway Department have made to you, our citizens.


A common misconception regarding funding for the Blount County Highway Department is we receive property tax revenues to fund the services of our department. The Highway Department does not receive any property tax revenues from the county tax roll. Our two primary sources of funding come from the county portion of the gas tax and a portion of the sales tax. We receive gas tax revenues from gas purchases made only outside the city limits. We do not receive any of the additional sales tax revenues recently passed. Those revenues go to the school system and to the General County debt service fund.