Focus on Seniors 2023

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Welcome back to Focus on Seniors --- however you choose to define the term!  For this ongoing series, we invite every one of any age who would like to plan wisely for a long and happy, and healthy life for themselves and for those they love.

After a hiatus due to COVID, we will soon return to in-person programs at the library. In conjunction with our dedicated partners, at the Blount County Community Action Agency Office on Aging, in the fall of 2022 through the spring of 2023, we plan to offer a series of events on topics ranging from detangling the mysteries of Medicare to accessing those inflation-beating benefits which you worked so hard to earn. 

Focus on Seniors 2023
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Matthew Haralson, attorney at Kizer and Blacks, will explain the different types of wills, trusts, and powers of attorney on March 15. 

Dr. Alex Garrido from the Blount Memorial Senior Care Partners will offer a compassionate discussion of Alzheimer's, Cognitive Impairment, and Dementia on April 19.