Court Support

The Court Support Unit of the Blount County Sheriff's Office is an indispensable element in the safety and welfare of the citizens of Blount County. This unit has many responsibilities, including the security of the Justice Center and courtrooms, security of juries and prisoners who are brought to and from the courtrooms, and keeping up with thousands of criminal and civil process papers.

When court is not in session, deputies assigned to court security assist in serving the growing number of civil judicial documents.

Collecting Unpaid Taxes

Court Support is also responsible for collecting unpaid business, property, and personal property taxes. This also extends to seizures mandated by court order. In some cases, Court Support is directed to remove people from residences after the court has returned possession of the property to the landlord or mortgage company. These deputies may also have to remove children from parents or custodial guardians in certain custody cases.

Warrants Unit

The Warrants Unit is assigned to locate wanted individuals for whom the court has issued a criminal arrest warrant. In addition to arrest warrants, the Warrants Unit serves all orders of protection issued by the courts. Deputies from patrol often assist criminal warrants officers.

Court Support Unit

The Court Support Unit also provides security for the courts as well as the Justice Center. Every person entering the Justice Center must pass through a metal detector. All purses, packages, and briefcases are reviewed with an x-ray scanner. Firearms, knives, chemical sprays, and certain other objects, including cell phones, pagers, and other electronic devices, are not allowed into the facility. Two full-time deputies provide security at the entrance of the Justice Center during business hours.
Court Security is a major responsibility of this unit. They provide security for all courts in the Justice Center and the court house, including:

  • Chancery Court
  • Circuit Court
  • Recovery Court
  • General Sessions
  • Juvenile Court
  • Probate Court

Juror Support

The unit also assists citizens serving as jurors. They are responsible for providing protection and transportation for sequestered jurors.