New or Replacement Cards

Any Blount county resident or owners of real estate can get a library card at no cost with proof of ID and current residency.


You can fill out an application (PDF) here, print it and bring it with you to the library along with a photo ID and proof of your current and correct mailing address. To receive the card the same day, you must present a photo ID and proof of your name and address that has been dated within the last 30 days, (for example piece of mail, a bill, rent receipt, etc.).

If only the photo ID is available with the correct address, we will mail a postcard to the address on the application for verification. When you receive your post card bring it within 30 days, along with your photo ID and the new card will be issued.

If you have filled out an online application from the Library's Mobile App or the Library Catalog (click Log In button at top right corner; message will open; at bottom it will say "Need Card, Start Here".)  Patrons will be notified by phone or email when your library card is ready for pickup. 

Young Children

For children 17 years or younger, a parent or legal guardian with a card in good standing must apply and sign for them. Parents are responsible for any materials checked out on a child's card.

Out of County Residents

Any individual living outside of Blount County can apply for a Library card at a cost of $25 per year/per person.

Replacement Cards

You may apply for a replacement if a card is lost, stolen, or damaged, for a fee of $3 per card by applying in person at the library.

Internet Only Card

For an "Internet Only" library card please fill out the application and return it to the Circulation desk at the Library. It can be used only to access the public Internet computers. You may apply, present a photo ID, and receive the card immediately. This card can not be used to check out any materials. If you wish to ever check out materials, you must apply for a regular library card.

If you already have a library card, you may use that card at the Internet computers as well.

Lost Cards

If your card is lost or stolen, you must immediately report it to the library. You will be responsible for any materials checked out on the card, including any loss, damage, or overdue fines incurred.

​Pin/Password Question

Please call the library at
865-982-0981 to access/update your pin/password.