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Centennial Book Shower

  1. When the Blount County Public Library first opened in 1919, the community held a book shower to fill the shelves. Celebrate the Library's 100th birthday with a monetary donation for new books. Every $25 contribution brings a new book to the collection that will be designated with a Centennial Logo sticker.

  2. A.K. Harper Memorial Library 1930-1980
    BCPL 2

  3. Blount County Public Library 1981- 2002
    BCPL 1 McGhee

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    Please see payment instructions below. Remember to print or email a copy for your tax deductible records.

  6. Payment Instructions: Credit Card (PayPal) or Check

    To pay online by Credit Card (PayPal), please press the submit button at the bottom of the page and you will be directed to our payments window. To Pay by Check please WRITE CHECK TO: Blount County Friends of the Library with Book Shower in MEMO LINE. MAIL TO: 508 North Cusick Street, Maryville, TN 37804. When finished click SUBMIT and CLOSE OUT the PayPal page if paying by check. Otherwise, staff can assist you with the In-House Processing Option. Thank you.

  7. Blount County Public Library 2002 - Present
    BCPL pedestrian bridge from Greenway

  8. Thank you for your donation! Blount County Public Library and the Blount County Friends of the Library appreciates your support.

  9. Centennial Logo
    3D Centennial Logo w BCPL written cropped white space resized

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