• Veterans sitting and standing in a group
  • Man with arm aroun dwoman's shoulder, standing and smiling
  • Veteran sitting at table with cup and bowl
  • Two veterans standing beside each other, one with bowl in hand, both smiling
  • Woman in red and white sitting beside man in blue, man has arm on woman's shoulder
  • Man in motorized scooter beside woman in chair, both looking into camera smiling
  • man with arm around woman's shoulder, standing
  • Rectangular sheet cake with American flag and text, Freedom is not Free
  • Man standing, holding old photograph of soldier
  • Rectangular sheet cake, with Korean War emblem at center, laurels, red white and blue frosting, and dates of war
  • Two veterans sitting at table
  • Man sitting, wearing Korean war veteran hat, beside woman in blue
  • Man wearing Korean war uniform hat, standing with arms together in front of his body
  • Two men in conversation, sitting at a table one with a hat on
  • Man in white oxford with Korean war veteran hat on, standing and smiling
  • Man in yellow shirt besdie man in blue plaid shirt, sitting at a table talking
  • Eight women standing with each other, looking into the camera smiling
  • Two men standing at front of room, one with microphone and reading off a piece of paper
  • Man standing beside the POW-MIA table and chair
  • Woman standing at table with microphone, reading from binder
  • Man in overalls standing beside man in blue shirt, both are smiling
  • Woman in red, standing beside woman in blue, both are smiling
  • Two veterans enjoying a meal, sitting at a table
  • Group picture of veterans and attendees eating
  • Group picture of veterans and attendees eating
  • Man sitting, with hands folded, wearing a checked shirt and Korean War veteran hat
  • Man in white shirt, standing and smiling at the POW-MIA table and chair
  • Man sitting, smiling, with cake
  • Image of yellow proclamation, framed in black

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